Inspirit Pilates



New Studio Sessions in Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross

Pilates exercises improve wellbeing through developing the core body muscles and working the whole body with breath, control and focus.

Join Inspirit Pilates for a professional and friendly approach to your exercise. Exercises are taught with respect to Joseph Pilates' original techniques and the focus is on individual care – developing your strengths, adjusting problematic old habits and enabling you to move more comfortably. View our sessions page for information on the sessions offered.

You are welcome at a variety of locations including spacious studios at Coogee and Clovelly. Use Pilates as a comprehensive exercise plan or as a wonderful complement to your running, sport or yoga practice. Inspirit Pilates is suitable for men, women and teenagers.

Excitingly, during this year, people have made extraordinary changes to their bodies; some reducing shoulder, back or hip pain with 5 min-a day targeted exercises and stretches at home and Pilates sessions during the week. Please let me know if you have something you want to focus on… it might get you back to things you love doing.

With summer here, hopefully you can enjoy a mix of relaxing and moving. Please check the Locations page for the holiday timetable for mat classes and call to chat about scheduling private sessions at Coogee Clovelly Maroubra or now a beautiful studio in Bayswater Rd Kings Cross.

Also and especially ....
Many thanks to all the lovely people who have enjoyed and brought joy to Inspirit Pilates this year and best wishes to you for a healthy and happy holiday and new year