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What people are saying about Inspirit Pilates

Michelle – Maroubra

I have a shocking back! I thought I was a lost cause until I started pilates with Jane. Her patience, empathy and experience have made all the difference for me. Her ability to adapt to the needs of each person is quite extaordinary. Her x ray vision would rival that of superman; she always knows if you are using the right or the wrong muscles. She has enabled me to see how even small improvements can be very meaningful, and I can now see the building blocks towards reaching my goal.... even laughing along the way. Her genuine warmth and care makes me feel very supported and motivated. This is just what I needed! Michelle - Maroubra

Siobhán – Coogee/Ireland

Pilates with Jane, not only helped improve my core strength and flexibility, but also proved of huge benefit psychologically in terms of recovering from back surgery. She helped me rebuild my confidence both physically and mentally identifying the areas which would best benefit me and guiding me through the process with ease. Her clear communication and expertise were invaluable. I had never undertaken a pilates class before but having attended pilates with Jane I would certainly recommend it.

Jack Manning Bancroft

Pilates has been an absolute game changer, after playing all sorts of sport throughout my childhood, always at competitive levels, I've never come across a more challenging and rewarding form of exercise than Pilates. I'm a 30 year old Male, and I can promise that Pilates is tough enough for anyone!

Carol – Bondi/Canada

Jane, this is my way to say THANK YOU, I'll miss you SO much, you have been an incredible teacher and inspiring person.

Jane Taylor is a special Pilates teacher whom I feel lucky to have met and taken classes from for my six months in Sydney. She is not only an exceptional teacher, but she gives personal care, remembering your unique strengths and areas to work on, and cheering you when you improve, encouraging you to take care of your body but also to 'lift up a bit higher!

You can do it!'. She is funny, warm and talented and is highly recommended.


Before regular private Pilates classes with Jane, I was unable to walk without pain. Jane's intuitive and caring style of teaching encourages me to use my muscles correctly and has given me back my life.

I have been with Jane for several years now and see her twice a week: this is the most consistently I have ever done any exercise. I even practice at home as it improves how I feel after a hectic work-day.