Inspirit Pilates



Pilates sessions

Private workout sessions

Specific core muscle strengthening and posture realignment can be vital contributions to recovery from injury and back problems. Private classes offer a wonderful way to begin gently and effectively retraining the muscles. We go at your pace and each exercise is selected to benefit you without workout strain. Move well again. $70 per person for a one hour session.

Sportsmen and women choose Pilates private sessions when looking for a balanced strong full body workout or to focus on specific issues regarding alignment, strength and improved flexibility.

Phone 0408 648 900 or email and arrange your session time.

Mat classes

Mat classes are an economical and friendly way to get a regular full body workout. Small class size means personal care and opportunity to develop new and better ways of moving.

Classes are held throughout the week at Coogee and Clovelly. They are each one hour long and cost $20 (multiclass discount passes are available). Starting is simple, just turn up in comfortable clothing - the classes are done barefoot and mats are supplied.

Exercise with a friend

Enjoy a regular, effective workout that suits your busy life and adds strength and stretch to your everyday living and sport. Exercises, workout speed and location are chosen especially to suit your needs. These sessions suit jogging partners, new mums, co-workers, sisters, couples and other busy people who want to feel good. Reformer duets are now available.

Phone 0408 648 900 or email and arrange your session time.


If you want to promote good health and clear creative thinking, then bring Pilates into your space. Lunchtime Pilates and Stretch classes get the blood and enthusiasm flowing. Alternatively, the "no-sweat workout" can be done in office clothes while focusing on releasing tension and promoting good posture.


Keep teenagers strong and moving. Pilates will promote good posture, movement, breathing and offer stress relief. Inspirit Pilates can provide Pilates and Stretch classes at lunchtime, PE, sport and afterschool classes.